<helloWorld/> I'm Ajay Manish
Full Stack Developer based in India.
I help companies to create human-friendly mobile apps & web experiences using React, Node and Rust
01 —About
Hello! I'm Ajay, a Full Stack Developer based in India who enjoys building things that give beautiful online experiences.
I develop human-friendly mobile apps & web experiences that provide intuitive, pixel-perfect user interfaces with efficient and modern backends.

Shortly after graduating in year 2014, I've joined the development team at Tata Consultancy Services where I work on a wide variety of interesting and innovative projects for different Airliners across world.
02 —Experience
Software Engineer II
Allstate Solutions Private Limited
System Analyst
Andor Health
Mahathi Software Private Limited
FEB 2020 — JUN 2021
System Engineer
Tata Consultancy Services
SEPT 2014 — APR 2017
03 —Technologies
Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Rust
  • HTML & CSS
04 —Works
I'll be excited to showcase all my works in person or on the call.

It's not about being lazy or something or not caring to show a couple of screenshots. It’s about solving the complex tasks.

I know that no one will read the text so long in a portfolio. I love to show and explain the cases, but it is the act, not screenshots with texts.
05 —Contact
I'm currently not looking for any opportunities.
I can, however, be involved in your next exciting project. My inbox is always open. Whether for a potential project or just to say hello.
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